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Simon Keller

M.Sc. Simon Keller

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Dynamics of Systems with Multiple Friction Contacts

Two-Masses-Oscillator on a moving belt
Stability Map
Effective Friction Characteristic

Dry friction is present in many technical systems and is the reason for a variety of undesired phenomena. The property of non-smoothness and a negative slope at low relative velocities of the friction force may cause friction induced oscillations or stick-slip motion. One attempt to quench these oscillations are superposed high-frequency vibrations. Thus, the effective friction characteristic is smoothed and undesired fricion induced oscillations can be quenched. For systems with one degree of freedom, this method is investigated by simulations and experminents, which show good accordance. Systems with multiple degrees of freedom and mutliple friction contacts however show a largely richer dynamic behavior. Also, the influence of high-frequency ecxitation is not inverstigated yet. To improve the comprehension of such systems, numerical and analytical approaches are inquired.

Applied procedures are the excitation of single masses and investigating the effect on the whole system. Furthermore, the influence of the direction of the excitation and the importance of which masses are excited is examined.

Contact: Prof. W. Seemann, S. Keller

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