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Engineering Mechanics IV

Current information

The lecture will be recorded and uploaded in the Ilias course. There will be a time schedule listing all lectures and tutorials. The first lectures have already been uploaded. The first tutorial will be uploaded on 28th April.

Due to the current corona crisis the workshops of the Dynamics Lab in the summer term 2020 are cancelled. As a replacement for the workshops we are going to hold two tutorials. In total there will be 10 tutorials in Engineering Mechanics IV. So you need 9 accepted exercise sheets in order to receive the exam prerequisite. Join the Ilias course! The tutorials will be recorded as well and uploaded in the Ilias course. The exercise sheets will be submitted via Ilias! Further information about the tutorials are going to be published on Ilias at the beginning of the lectures.

If the crisis is over at the end of this summer term, it will be still possible for you to take part in the Dynamics Lab workshops, so that you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice. However, the workshops will not be evaluated and the participation is therefore voluntary. We recommend the participation. 

Course information

Learning objectives
The course is the continuation of Engineering Mechanics III. The goal is to understand the spatial motion of a rigid body. This includes both kinematics as well as dynamics. In a second part an introduction into analytic mechanics is given. The third part deals with vibration of simple one or two degrees of freedom systems.



  • spatial kinematics of a rigid body, Euler angles, angular velocity using Euler angles
  • Euler equations, inertia tensor, kinetic energy of a rigid body, free and forced gyroscopes
  • systems of rigid bodies
  • principle of d'Alembert, Lagrange's equations of the first and second kind, generalized coordinates
  • free and forced vibration of one degree freedom systems, frequency response, vibration of multi degree of freedom systems, vibration absorption



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  • Marguerre: Technische Mechanik III, Heidelberger Taschenbücher, 1968
  • Magnus: Kreisel, Theorie und Anwendung, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1971
  • Klotter: Technische Schwingungslehre, 1. Bd Teil A, Heidelberg