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Transient Behaviour of Coupled Exciters

Two coupled exciters
Two coupled exciters

Application of several unbalanced exciters instead of one is a widely used design for vibratory machines. This may have the benefit of distributing the excitation along the machine or decreasing the load of the exciter’s bearing, if several low power exciters are used instead of one powerful exciter. It also offers the possibility of coordinating rotors dynamics without kinematic connections between them. The self-synchronization phenomenon, which allows the automatic coordination of exciter rotations, is utilized in many vibratory machines for generating the required excitation force with constant or another required (for example elliptically changing) direction.

Even though stationary solutions of many self-synchronising systems, their condition of existence and stability has been extensively investigated, little is known about the transient behaviour about such systems. Attraction domains of already known stationray solutions and behaviour during passage through resonance are the two main topics of the investigation. Asymptotic methods, which are used to analyse systems with a single unbalanced exciter, will also be applied here.

Contact: Prof. A. Fidlin, T. Yüzbasioglu


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