Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alexander Fidlin

  • Postanschrift:
    Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    Institut für Technische Mechanik
    Teilinstitut Dynamik/Mechatronik
    Postfach 6980
    76049 Karlsruhe

    Haus- und Lieferanschrift:
    KIT-Campus Süd
    Institut für Technische Mechanik
    Teilinstitut Dynamik/Mechatronik
    Geb. 10.23, 2.OG
    Kaiserstraße 10
    76131 Karlsruhe

Reviewer of PhD and post-doctoral reader qualification (habilitation) theses

Supervisor of PhD theses

Place on nomination lists and invitations

Activities in industry

  • Vibrations of vehicle drive trains, torsion dampers, noise optimization (1995 until now)
  • Spatial dynamics of drive trains, in particular of dual-clutch transmissions, inclusive of mechatronic clutch actuation systems (2007 until now)
  • Simulation-supported optimization of complex systems under real conditions of mass production (2002 until now)
  • Dynamics, strength, and acoustics of the variable speed gear for continuously adjustable automatic gear boxes (CVT), inclusive of modeling, simulation, and solution of practical problems (1997 – 2004)
  • Dynamics of toothed chains, inclusive of modeling and simulation (2004 until now)
  • Vibrations of hydraulic control systems and drives; instability of hydraulic valves and control circuits (1998 until now)
  • Vibrations of crankshafts in combustion engines, influence of the flywheel (rigid flywheel, flex plate, dual-mass flywheel), interactions with the valve drive (2003 – 2010)
  • Vibrations of vehicle clutches and clutch actuation systems (1995 until now)
  • Kinematics and efficiency of spatial clutch and gear actuators for automatic clutch/automatic gear systems (2000 – 2005)
  • Optimum control of synchronization processes in dual-clutch transmissions (1999)
  • Dynamics and strength of machines for mechanical process technology (1987 – 1993)

Professional Career


2011 - Professor of Structural Dynamics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, member of the directors’ board of the Institute of Engineering Mechanics
2004 - 2008 Member of the Steering Group of LuK GmbH & Co. oHG
2004 - 2011

Coordinator of all activities relating to multi-body dynamics and vibrations of the Schaeffler Group (FAG, INA, LuK) worldwide (7 locations in 4 countries)


Head of the Department for Dynamic Simulations, Analytical Calculations, and Strength (25 employees) of LuK GmbH & Co. oHG, Bühl

1998 - 2000

Head of the Group for Dynamic Simulations and Analytical Calculation Methods (5 employees) of LuK GmbH & Co. oHG, Bühl

1995 - 1998

Development engineer in the area of simulation technology of LuK Getriebe-Systeme GmbH, Bühl

1987 - 1993

Engineer at the Research Institute for Mechanical Process Technology “Mekhanobr”, later “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika Corp”, Leningrad;

Department for Fundamental Research (Head: Prof. I. Blekhman);    

then, scientist, last: executive scientist