Engineering Mechanics III (Tutorial)


Exercises related to the lecture


Current information

The lectures and tutorials will be recorded and uploaded in the Ilias-course. There will be a continuously updated time schedule listing all lectures and tutorials. It should provide guidance for your self-study.
Exam Prerequisite: You have to submit multiple exercise sheets via Ilias in due time. Otherwise you are not allowed to participate in the exam.

The exercise sheets and all further information, dates, deadlines, etc. are going to be published on Ilias as of 3rd November. Join the Ilias-course and visit regularly!

HIWI Consultation Hours

For all questions concerning the courses offered at the institute. The consultation hours are now offered virtually via Microsoft Teams. No sign-up will be required for the consultation hour and you are able to join the team and join the open calls.

For the remainder of the recess period, no further consultation hours are planned.