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Institut für Technische Mechanik

Softwaretools der Mechatronik

Bemerkungen: Course Language: English

Vorlesungssprache: Englisch


Lecture: Tuesday, 14:00-15:30 10.91. Grashof
Exercise: Tuesday, 14:00-17:15 Group 1: G und H Pool SCC


1. Lecture: Tu. 24.10.2017 INTRODUCTION and MAPLE
  1. EXERCISE: Tu. 07.11.2017 - Double Pendulum
  2. EXERCISE: Tu. 14.11.2017 - Jeffcot Rotor
2. Lecture: Tu. 21.11.2017 MATLAB
  3. EXERCISE: Tu. 28.11.2017 - Numerical Integration
  4. EXERCISE: Tu. 05.12.2017 - Partial Differential Equations
3. Lecture: Tu. 12.12.2017 SIMULINK
  5. EXERCISE: Tu. 19.12.2017 - Acceleration and Braking of a Vehicle
  6. EXERCISE: Tu. 16.01.2018 - PID Control of Dynamical Systems
  7. EXERCISE: Tu. 23.01.2018 - Simulation using MATLAB-MAPLE


General information, exercise dates, tasks, etc. are available on ILIAS



  • Free and forces response of SDOF and MDOF linear systems;
  • Response to arbitrary exitation.


  • Symbolic generation of nonlinear equations of motion of a double pendulum;
  • Stability analysis and eigenvalues of a Jeffcott-rotor.


  • Numerical time integration of a simple vehicle model with Runge-Kutta-method;
  • Solution of partial differential equations of a linear elasctic bar using Galerkin-method.


  • Simulation of the acceleration process and braking performance of a vehicle;
  • Modelling of feedback control systems using PID controller for vehicles.


such as:
  • Mechanical transmission system;
  • Damped vibration absorber;
  • Stick-slip vibration;
  • Van der Pol oscillator, Mathieu's equation;
  • Slider-crank mechanism;
  • Structure analysys using finite element methods;
  • Critical speeds of rotors considering gyroscopic effect; etc.

Ziele und Inhalt

The course includes an introduction into the comercial software packages MAPLE, MATLAB, SIMULINK. To get to know the UI and the application opportunities of the software, there will be several general mechatronic problems to be solved.