Engineering Mechanics III (Tutorial)

  • Typ: Übung (Ü)
  • Semester: WS 21/22
  • Ort:

    10.50 Kollegiengebäude Bauingenieure II, Raum 702

  • Zeit:

    freitags, 10:00 - 11:30

  • Beginn: 29.10.2021
  • Dozent/Übungsleiter:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Seemann
    Alexander Bitner
    Simon Schröders

  • SWS: 2
  • LVNr.: 3161013
  • Hinweis: Präsenz/Online gemischt

Current information

The lectures and exercises take place in presence. The lecture recordings will be published promptly after the lecture.  Further information can be found in the Ilias course of the lecture. There you will also find a timetable with all lecture blocks and the corresponding tutorials. This is constantly updated and serves as an orientation for self-study.

Prerequisite for the examination: In order to be allowed to take part in the examination, tutorial sheets must be submitted via Ilias in due time. The exercise sheets and all other notes, dates, deadlines, etc. are published in the Ilias course.

Dynamics Lab

Announcements for the workshop "Dynamics Lab" will be published at the end of the course Engineering Mechanics III.