Publikationsliste 2013

Damping Effects on Stabilizing Rotating Non-Circular Shafts Subjected to Pulsating Axial Force.
Wauer, J.; Hetzler, H.; Baum Christoph.
2013. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems, (ISVCS), Courmayeur, Italy, 21-26 July 2013, 70–72
Stability and Bifurcation of Equilibria in the Presence of Non-Smooth Damping due to Coloumb Friction.
Hetzler, H.
2013. Book of abstracts - ICOVP 2013 - 11th International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICOVP 2013), Lisbon, Portugal, 9–12 September 2013. Ed.: Z. Dimitrovov, 1–11, APMTAC, Lisboa
Statistical Volume Elements for Metal Foams.
Geißendörfer, M.; Liebscher, A.; Proppe, C.; Redenbach, C.; Schwarzer, D.
2013. Multiscale Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Materials and Structures : Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held at Santorini, Greece, September 9-11, 2013. Ed. by Manolis Papadrakakis, George Stefanou, 171–185, Springer, Cham
Multi-scale modeling of lubricated contacts: a study on the velocity boundary condition at the wall-fluid interface.
Savio, D.; Fillot, N.; Vergne, P.; Hetzler, H.; Seemann, W.; Pasaribu, R.; Morales-Espejel, G.
2013. 5th World Tribology Congress, Turin, Italy, 2013. Vol.: 1, 229–231, Politecnico di Torino (DIMEAS), Torino
Reduced basis hybrid computational homogenization based on a mixed incremental formulation.
Fritzen, F.; Leuschner, M.
2013. Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering, 260, 143–154. doi:10.1016/j.cma.2013.03.007
A simplified elastohydrodynamic contact model capturing the nonlinear vibration behaviour.
Wiegert, B.; Hetzler, H.; Seemann, W.
2013. Tribology international, 59, 79–89. doi:10.1016/j.triboint.2012.02.002
A study of time harmonic guided Lamb waves and their caustics in composite plates.
Karmazin, A.; Kirillova, E.; Seemann, W.; Syromyatnikov, P.
2013. Ultrasonics, 53 (1), 283–293. doi:10.1016/j.ultras.2012.06.012
Key features of flexure hinges used as rotational joints.
Kern, D.; Rösner, M.; Bauma, E.; Seemann, W.; Lammering, R.; Schuster, T.
2013. Forschung im Ingenieurwesen, 77 (3-4), 117–125. doi:10.1007/s10010-013-0169-z
Schwingungen in Schaltgetrieben: Selbsterregung durch Reibung in der Kupplung und Modenkopplung in der Verzahnung.
Jehle, G.; Fidlin, A.
2013. 8. Fachtagung Schwingungen in Antrieben 2013, Fulda, 5. und 6. November 2013, 209–222, VDI Verlag, Düsseldorf
Friction induced vibrations under the influence of Joint-damping.
Hetzler, H.
2013. EuroBrake 2013 Conference Proceedings, 17. - 19.06.13, FISITA, London
Model order reduction on stationary and dynamical isothermal Newtonian EHD contacts.
Maier, D.; Hager, C.; Hetzler, H.; Fillot, N.; Vergne, P.; Dureisseix, D.; Seemann, W.
2013. 40th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology & Tribochemistry Forum 2013 September 4-6, 2013, Lyon, France
Modellierung und Analyse von kurzen Gleitlagern mit linear-elastischen Lagerwänden.
Baum, C.; Boyaci, A.; Seemann, W.
2013. SIRM 2013 - 10th International Conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machines, Berlin, Germany, 25. - 27. February 2013
Modeling and simulation of porous journal bearings in multibody systems. Dissertation.
Buuren, S. van.
2013. KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe. doi:10.5445/KSP/1000036099